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Jeb Bush (his actual real name John Ellis Bush, b. 1953) is the former governor of Florida. Born in 1953, he is the son of George H. W. Bush, younger brother of George W. Bush, and older brother of Neil Bush. The Bush family are old money elites from New England who posture as ordinary Americans from the South when they want votes.

"Jeb" Bush narrowly lost to Governor Lawton Chiles in 1994, but retooled his image as more of a moderate candidate, and defeated Buddy MacKay in the election of 1998, and Bill McBride in the election of 2002. Jeb is repeatedly referred to as the "smart" brother, and the one that everyone expected to run for President. Not coincedentally, he's often named as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2008.


Florida Governor in the Closet

On October 6, 2006, Jeb hid in a supply closet in order to avoid antiwar protesters during a campaign trip on behalf of Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. (Source: Jeb Bush hides out in a closet - really). The protesters were from POG, the Uprise Counter Recruitment Tour, and Iraq Vets, who had joined together to shut down the the local blood for oil military recruitment station. Chancing upon Jeb and a campaign aide and security hire they seized the opportunity to communicate with a member of the Ruling Class. Several members of the United Steel Workers of America joined the impromptu communication effort. Jeb fled with his aide and security hire a blok down the street and down an escalator and into a utility closet. Port Authority police tazed and attempted to arrest one of the members of UPRISE, but he was successfully unarrested. Pittsburgh: Jeb goes into the cloest, Recruitment Center Shutdown


Bush has endured some unfavorable publicity because of his offspring. One of his sons, Jeb Bush, Jr., made the news for an incident of teenage sex in a parking lot, and then a few years later was arrested for public intoxication.


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