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Capt. James J. Yee (Yusuf) (Chinese: 余百康 or 余优素福) is a former Muslim United States Army chaplain. He is best known for being subject to an intense investigation by the United States, but charges were later dropped.

Yee is a third generation Chinese-American who was born in New Jersey, He is a graduate of West Point in 1990. He converted to Islam during his service in Saudi Arabia and after studying for four years at Abu Noor University in Damascus became a Muslim chaplain. His wife, a Palestinian, is a Muslim.

He was assigned to Guantanamo Bay, and when he complained about the abusive treatment of prisoners he was arrested and chared with mutiny, aiding the enemy and espionage. When these charges were proved false, he was slandered with new charges of pornography, which were also false. In fact, all of the charges against him were eventually dropped.


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