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James Herring a.k.a. Jim Herring is the Chair of the Republican Party of Mississippi.

In June 2005, Herring issued a statement on behalf of the state party saying that it was a signal honor for Mike Retzer of Greenville Mississippi to be nominated by the second Bush adminsitration White House as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to the United Republic of Tanzania. Retzer had previously served as the Chair of the state party on two different occasions and as Treasurer of the Republican National Committee. Source: n.a. Mississippi GOP Chairman Herring Issues Statement on Proposed Nomination of Mike Retzger as Ambassador to Tanzania." U.S. Fed News. June 29, 2005. Retzer is the chairman of Retzer Resources Inc. whose holdings include several McDonald's restaurants. Source: n.a. "Retzger Confirmed as Ambassador to Tanzania." The Associated Press State & Local Wire. July 30, 2005. Surely a party fund-raiser from Mississippi will be better able to represent the interests of the United States in East Africa than say oh...a trained diplomat.

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