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J.D. Hayworth was the Republican U.S. Representative from the Fifth district of Arizona from 1994-2006. He was born on July 12, 1958, and raised in North Carolina. He was defeated in 2006 by Harry Mitchell (D).



Hayworth didn't show for a campaign event at a synagogue, but he sent a spokesman who said that Hayworth "is a more observant Jew" than the audience. (Source: AZ-05: Hayworth Surrogate to Jews: "No wonder there are anti-Semites" - DailyKos diary)

If it Walks Like a Fascist and Talks Like a Fascist

Hayworth endorses universal electronic surveillance: "The fact is that if you don't associate with terrorists you have nothing to worry about. But if you're planning another attack on American soil . . . you better stay off the phone." See Dennis Wagner & Jon Kamman. "Arizonans split on balancing privacy, security." The Arizona Republic. May. 12, 2006.

Campaign Finance

According to the Associated Press, Hayworth received about $64,520 in campaign contributions from Jack Abramoff and his clients in recent years.

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