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Known as the "godfather" of the neoconservative movement



Born: 1920
Education: B.A., History, City College of New York, 1940
Military: WWII, Staff Sgt., Armored Infantry, 12th Armored Div.

Fun Facts!

Career Highlights

  • Founder, The Public Interestmagazine
  • Commentary magazine, Managing Editor, 1947-52
  • Encounter magazine, founder and Editor, 1953-58
  • The Reporter magazine, Editor, 1959-60
  • Basic Books, Executive Vice President, 1961-69
  • New York University, Professor of Social Thought, 1969-85
  • Member, National Council on the Humanities, 1972-77
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow, 1972-present
  • Member, President's Commission on White House Fellowships, 1980-88
  • Founder and publisher, National Interest magazine, 1985-2002
  • American Enterprise Institute, John M. Olin Distinguished Fellow
  • Recipient, Presidental Medal of Freedom, 2002

Kristol Quotes

  • "What's the popint of beign the greatest, the most powerful nation in the world and not having an imperial role? It's unheard of in human history. The most powerful nation always had an imperial role."



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