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Jump to: navigation, search or Iraqi blogspot is a good starting point to find the "167+ English-speaking Iraqi bloggers who post" there. "Some like Iraqi Blogspot User Riverbend, you may have heard of, but others are just as good, and it is fascinating to hear directly from them."

Issues like the Iraqi constitution debate and Iraqi election fairness and Halliburton's performance would presumably benefit from their input to dkosopedia itself.

dailyKos itself has helped to get the Iraqi blogger "arrest me" message out there. This idea is a kind of independent initiative and does not represent all bloggers let alone all Iraqi bloggers, only those who wish to be arrested in solidarity with others who already have been arrested or are campaigning for arrest. According to one such blogger: "Hopefully, this will catch on. Because when I get arrested, I hope to have company. Would also like at this point to point out the plight of bloggers facing the threat of arrest in Iran and China." See Iranian blogspot and Chinese blogspot also.

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