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Low morale. The state of being pessismistic, frustrated and depressed about the war in Iraq. Leads to outbursts of rage toward George W. Bush and his crew. With each new day bringing news of dead servicemen and women, tortured Iraqis, and bombed out weddings, it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy the comfort and routine of modern American life. Whether it's mother's longing and anxious about sons and daughters overseas or just every day citizens who are sick and tired of the constant stream of snafus, setbacks and miserable news coming out of Iraq. The troops in Iraq probably suffer from this malady the most. With each rationale for invading Iraq disintegrating one-by-one and a native poplulation that is, to say the least, becoming increasingly hostile, it is to be expected that troops would feel a sense of hopelessness and futillity. Iraq War Depression symptoms include: feelings of guilt, shame, apathy, hopelessness, and anxiety. Not to be confused with simple Depression, Iraq War Depression can be traced to specific events brought on by the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.


"The country is doing pretty darn well, but the war in Iraq is a large problem. There's a lot of what Jimmy Carter called 'malaise' around." -- George W. Bush May 31st

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