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Ira Rohter, earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1967, and joined the University of Hawaii in 1968. Professor Rohter regularly teaches courses in the Politics of Hawaii, Political Ecology and Development, Green Politics, and alternative futures.

Professor Rohter was a founding member of the Transformational Politics section of the American Political Science Association. In 1992, he helped found the Hawaii Green Party, and served as a Co-Chair for many years. Currently he serves as the President of the Hawaii Clean Elections, and as a vice president of Coalition against Legalized Gambling.

Rohter worked with community activists Mamo Kim, Lance Collins and Kalawaia Moore to bring attention to former Senator Cal Kawamoto's refusal to hold hearings on clean elections bills in 2000. This coalition's work paid off in Kawamoto's losing the subsequent Democratic primary for his seat. [1]

Dr. Rohter is the author of A Green Hawai`i: Sourcebook for Development Alternatives, conceived and presented as a tool for policy makers and change-oriented activists.

Dr. Rohter passed away on June 22, 2009, he was 70 years old.

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