Iowa Federal elections, 2006

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This article discusses elections for the U.S. House from the state of Iowa in 2006. There are no U.S. Senate elections in Iowa this year.


First Congressional District (IA-01) Open Seat

  • Incumbent: Rep. Jim Nussle (R) is running for Governor.
  • Democrat Bruce Braley (D) - Fmr. President of Iowa Trial Lawyers Assn. (website)
  • Republican Mike Whalen (R) - Businessman
  • Republican Primary Results:
  • Democratic Primary Results:
  • Results: Braley won 55-43.
  • Outlook: Braley won a close primary, but by getting more than 35%, he was able to win outright and avoid a state convention. Whalen ran away with the Republican primary, as his rigidly doctrinaire opponents bashed each other on TV. This district voted for both Gore and Kerry, but Whalen will be a tough opponent in the general election.
  • On Iraq, Kennedy and Whalen support a phased withdrawl of U.S. troops, while Dix says that he "stands with our president". Meanwhile, all of the Democrats oppose military atacks against Iran.
  • Dix and Kennedy are heavily advertising on television, mainly as anti-pork anti-de