Iowa Statewide elections, 2010

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This article discusses the elections for Iowa's statewide offices in 2010. In Iowa, the Lt. Gov. is chosen by party convention, so there isn't a primary for that position. The primary is June 8th, and the general election is November 2, 2010.




Lt. Governor

  • Incumbent: Patty Judge (D) - running for reelection.
  • Challenger: Kim Reynolds (R)
  • Comments: Lt. Gov. candidates are nominated at state conventions, and they are usually rubber-stamp elections. But this year, there was significant dissent among right-wing Republicans, and Reynolds only got 56% of the vote against Bob Vander Plaats. There was also a smaller protest vote against the Democratic nominee.

Secretary of Agriculture

Secretary of State

Auditor of State

  • Incumbent: David A. Vaudt (R) - running for reelection.
  • Challenger: Jon Murphy (D) - nominated at the state convention.

Treasurer of State

Attorney General


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