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This article discusses elections for the Iowa State House of Representatives in 2006. All 100 seats are on the ballot.

We have provided websites where we can; otherwise, contact info for all the candidates can be found by downloading a PDF from the Sec. of State's Office: Iowa General Election Candidates List.

The current partisan breakdown is 50R and 49 D with one vacancy. There are eight Open Seats (6R and 2D) and 39 candidates who are unopposed (17R and 22D).



This has been an unusual election already. In District 56, a far-right Republican primary challenger took the unprecedented step of buying TV ads to knock off an incumbent from his own party. In District 82, a moderate Republican who lost his primary is running in the general election as an Independent. In District 94, the Republican challenger disavowed his own party after it mailed a vicious smear piece against his opponent. Two other Democratic candidates, Dawn Pettingill and Bob Kressig, were the targets of mailings from a GOP-affliated group in DC. (They were accused of voting for certain bills before they had been elected to the Legislature.) There are also reports of push-polling in four districts, starting in June (Iowa True Blog).

The untimely death of an incumbent has created an open seat in District 52, which will be filled by a special election on December 12.

Blogger John Deeth has a good analysis of these races, so does MyDD, and the Des Moines Register - (Yepsen: Democrats could take over Iowa House and Senate).


Democrats gained five seats in this election, so the next House will have 54 Dems and 45 Republicans (with one vacancy in District 52). Democrats took two open seats away from the Republicans in districts 20 and 37. Thanks to strong candidate recruitment, they also defeated four Republican incumbents in districts 9, 18, 75 and 84. One Democratic incumbent lost in district 21. Two Republican wingnuts defeated moderates in the primary, then held on to win the general election in districts 56 and 82.

Districts 1-10

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

  • Incumbent: Mike May (R)
  • Challenger: None.

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

  • Incumbent: James M. Kurtenbach (R) Open Seat
  • Challengers:
  • Outlook: Kurtenbach was nominated to run for State Senate (District 5), after the sudden resignation of Stewart Iverson. Deyoe was nominated by a Republican special convention on July 6, 2006.

Districts 11-20

District 11

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 15

District 16

  • Incumbent: Chuck Gipp (R) (website) Winner.
  • Challenger: Thomas Hansen (D) - Organic farmer.
  • Outlook: Bleak. In the last three elections, Gipp ran unopposed. Hansen dismays quite a few loyal Democrats

District 17

District 18

District 19

District 20

Districts 21-30

District 21

District 22

District 23

District 24

District 25

District 26

District 27

District 28

District 29

District 30

Districts 31-40

District 31

  • Incumbent: Ray Zirkelbach (D) - Democratic veteran, just back from Iraq.
  • Challenger: None.

District 32

District 33

District 34

District 35

District 36

District 37

District 38

District 39

District 40

Districts 41-50

District 41

District 42

District 43

  • Incumbent: Mark Smith (D) - social worker (website)
  • Challengers: None.

District 44

District 45

District 46

District 47

District 48

District 49

District 50

Districts 51-60

District 51

District 52

  • Incumbent: Mary Lou Freeman (R) - deceased.
  • Candidates: TBD.
  • Outlook: Ms. Freeman died of natural causes on Sept. 5, 2006. A special election to fill her seat will be held on December 12th.

District 53

District 54

District 55

District 56

  • Incumbent: Paul Wilderdyke (R) - Lost primary.
  • Challengers:
  • Outlook: This was a rare seat with primaries on both sides. Wilderdyke lost a primary challenge from far-right candidate Windschitl, who advertised heavily on the Omaha television stations. Windschitl received big donations from Iowans for Tax Relief. Earlier reports that Janice Creasman beat Bleth by 9 votes were wrong; Creasman lost, and Bleth won, 410-350. The district is heavily Republican, who turned out more than 1500 strong; the Democrats managed barely more than half that. This will be an interesting race in that Windschitl is extremely right wing, anti-everything.

Missouri Valley Times, Daily Nonpareil

District 57

District 58

District 59

District 60

Districts 61-70

District 61

  • Incumbent: Jo Oldson (D) Winner.
  • Challenger: David Payer (R)
  • Outlook: Payer is a frequent candidate who has ties to the Moonies.

District 62

District 63

District 64

District 65

District 66

  • Incumbent: Ed Fallon (D) - ran for Governor, Open Seat
  • Challengers:
  • Outlook: Ako Abdul-Samad won the primary in this heavily Democratic district, but he was on the edge of the CIETC scandal, and drew some last minute opponents. Whitver took a TV crew to Ako's house, even though he knew that one of Ako's relatives was on his death bed. (Source:

District 67

District 68

District 69

District 70

Districts 71-80

District 71

District 72

District 73

District 74

  • Incumbent: Mark Davitt (D) Winner.
  • Challenger: Doug Shull (R)
  • Outlook: Davitt won this seat unopposed in 2002. Shull currently represents this same territory in the State Senate, but is moving to the State House for family reasons.

District 75

  • Incumbent: Danny C. Carroll (R)
  • Challenger: Eric J. Palmer (D) website Winner.
  • Outlook: This is a rematch from 2004, when Carroll won 51-49. Carroll is running scared, and he has already started push polling the district.
  • External Articles:

District 76

District 77

District 78

District 79

District 80

Districts 81-90

District 81

District 82

  • Incumbent: Joe Hutter (I) - Lost primary, running as an Indepedent.
  • Challenger: Linda J. Miller (R) Winner.
    • External Link: Linda Miller for Iowa House
  • Outlook: Miller defeated Hutter in the Republican primary, thanks to generous donations from Iowans for Tax Relief. Hutter has filed as an independent for the general election.

District 83

District 84

  • Incumbent: Jim Van Fossen (R)
  • Challenger: Elesha Gayman (D) - Winner. Elesha is a 27 year old graduate of the University of Iowa, whose family has lived in Scott county for generations. She is lead facilitator for the youth empowerment program at the Safer Foundation. Gayman has been endorsed by the Iowa DFA.
    • External Link: Elesha Gayman for Iowa House

District 85

District 86

District 87

District 88

District 89

District 90

Districts 91-100

District 91

District 92

District 93

District 94

District 95

District 96

District 97

District 98

District 99

District 100

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