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The Iowa State House has 100 members, who serve two year terms. In 2007-08, there are 53 Democrats and 47 Republicans. Eight of its members are aged 30 or younger, and 28 are women.


2007 Events

  • Gary Worthan (R) won a special election on Dec. 12, 2006 for District 52; he defeated Kate Logan (D).
  • Dawn Pettengil switched from the Democratic to the Republican parties after the end of the 2007 session.
  • Chuck Gipp (R) and Sandra Griener (R) have announced that they will retire at the end of the 2008 session.

2007 Major Bills

  • Increased state minimum wage to $7.25
  • Raised teacher salaries by $5,400/year over next two years, with a goal of matching the national average.
  • Began a state preschool program.
  • Increased the cigarette tax by $1.00/pack to fund health care.
  • Expanded state civil rights protections to include gays and lesbians.
  • Created a $100 million fund for renewable energy research.
  • Lifted restrictions on some types of stem cell research.
  • Regulated the car title loan business.
  • Required paper trails for electronic voting machines.
  • Allowed election-day voter registration.

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