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Iowa City is the original capital of Iowa and home to the University of Iowa and the Kurt Vonnegut House. Located in Johnson County, it is part of the Second Congressional District (IA-02). It is also among the most progressive communities in the state, as the effectiveness of Citizens for Public Power, Iowa City Stop Wal-Mart, War Resisters League of Iowa City, University of Iowa Antiwar Committee, and the University of Iowa College Greens indicates.

Iowa City has also been named as the best college football town in America by The Sporting News. Source: n.a. "Iowa City Voted Best College Football Town in America." The Associated Press State & Local Wire. August 4, 2005. Does it get any better than beer 'n brauts before a Hawkeyes game?

In January 2006, Ross Wilburn was chosen mayor by a majority of the city council. In July 2006, the group Iowa City Stop Walmart, led by Gary Sanders, prevented the construction of a new Super-Walmart in Iowa City.

Common Sense vs. Conservative Repression

  • In a display of Midwestern common sense Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek told an Iowa legislative committee that possession of small amounts of marijuana ought ot be treated like a traffic violation, allowing hundreds of students arrested each year to graduate without a criminal record. Inevitably this was countered by a demonstration of the conservative tendency toward ever grater repression when wingnut Republican legislator Clel Baudler responded that, "We could simplify law enforcement's job if we didn't have rock concerts. We could simplify their job a lot quicker if we just didn't have football games there where we arrest hundreds of drunks over the weekend." Thus according to Baudler, sending messages about harmless intoxicants is so important that additional liberties may have to be denied to permit enforcement. Source: n.a. "Going Easy on Pot Smokers Draws Iowa Lawmaker's Ire." Reuters. February 9, 2006.

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