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The Iowa Board of Regents has oversight responsibility for Iowa's three public universities: the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa, as well as the University of Iowa Hospital and specialized schools for the blind and deaf.

The board has nine members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate to serve staggered six-year terms. By law, no more than five members may be of the same political party, and at least one must be a full time student.

The Board's Executive Director is Gary Steinke.


  • On January 24, 2005, two members of the board: John D. Forsyth and David Neil were forced to resign because of conflicts of interest during a bitter contract dispute between Wellmark Insurance and the University of Iowa Hospital. Mr. Forsyth was the CEO of Wellmark and Mr. Neil was a former member of its Board of Directors. On February 2nd, Sue Erickson Neiland also resigned. The Iowa City Press-Citizen has published several letters between Regent Bob Downer and Wellmark Director John W. Colloton, see Correspondence between John Colloton and Robert Downer
  • The President of the University of Iowa, David Skorton, resigned after receiving a much lower pay raise than the other public university presidents. Many believe that the Board of Regents penalized him for taking the hospital's side in the dispute with Wellmark.
  • In December 2006, the Board called off its search for a new President of the University of Iowa, after rejecting all four finalists. This triggered votes of no confidence from the faculty, staff and students. Regent Tom Bedell resigned in protest.

Current Members of the Board

Name Term
Bonnie Campbell (D) 2007-2011
Robert N. Downer 2003-2009
Jack Evans (R) 2007-2013
Michael G. Gartner 2005-2011
Ruth R. Harkin (D) 2005-2009
Craig Lang (R) 2007-2013
David Miles (D) - President 2007-2013
Jenny Rokes 2004-2009
Rose Vasquez 2004-2011

Former Members of the Board

Name Term
Amir I. Arbisser (R) 2001-2007
Mary Ellen Becker (D) 2001-2007
Teresa A. Wahlert (R) 2005-2007
Tom W. Bedell (D) 2005-2006
David J. Fisher
John D. Forsyth
David Neil
Sue Erickson Neiland
Marvin Pomerantz

External Links

  • Iowa Board of Regents - official site.
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