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  • the urgency many of us feel about reclaiming our nation
  • the idea that 'drastic' action, going beyond Beltway politics as usual, is essential to begin to repair the damage done by this reckless administration.

Sentiments like this have been advocated by a small but growing group since the push for war with Iraq began.

This meme took off in earnest, however, in April/May 2004. At that time the Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal, immediately followed by revelations of the close ties linking Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi exile group (a major source of 'facts,' motivation, and optimistic scenarios for the invasion of Iraq) to Iranian intelligence crystalized the idea that the incompetence of the Neoconservative group dominating Bush's foreign policy represents a clear and present danger to the republic.

Add links to:

  • Gore's speech
  • Bernstein's op-ed
  • Sterling Newberry's 'Justice must be seen to be done'
  • Anatol Lieven's latest (w/Cirincione sp?) for CEIP (arguing the only way to begin to salvage US influence in Mideast is to publicly renounce imperial aims: no Iraq bases, no superembassy)
  • early key blog posts/comments from Atrios, Billmon, Digby, DeanforAmerica, etc.
  • also Lieven's Oct 02 'The Push for War' as meme preview
  • gentle reader, add your sightings and precursors here...
  • Matt Stoller Diving towards the Crux
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