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Hurricane Katrina has generated a storm of criticism about the indifference and ineptitude of the second Bush administration's response. The Hurricane Katrina timeline indicates some deficiencies in FEMA but also in planning and funding processes.

This is a partial summary of the commentary. See also New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina refugee, term:evacuee, climate change, hurricane, emergency response, cronyism, cleanup, and the various positions on these:


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Survivor Stories Also see Hurricane Katrina survivor stories and Hurricane Katrina aftermath

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Please don't debate issues on this page. If you want to debate specific problems, causes, blame, see the Hurricane Katrina issue page. Much commentary below reinforces the positions above. Open politics argument works better if you help pluck out the facts and quotes and claims from the commentary and use them to elaborate issue/position/argument statements that compile many sources into one page on each position.

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