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Human Events is a conservative magazine with a website,, which is noted for having published a deck of playing cards of progressives they consider "dangerous".

The Human Events deck of "52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America, 2008 Election" lists the following:

Human Events' "Most Dangerous Liberals"

Ace Chuck Schumer
2 Jimmy Carter
3 Eliot Spitzer
4 Carl Levin
5 Rosie O' Donnell
6 Jesse Jackson
7 Charles Rangel
8 Al Franken
9 Medea Benjamin (cofounder of CodePink)
10 John Podesta (CEO, Center for American Progress)
Jack Barbara Boxer
Queen Nancy Pelosi
King Rahm Emanuel


Ace George Soros (Chairman, Open Society Institute)
2 Norman Lear (founder, People for the American Way)
3 Paul Krugman (writes for the New York Times)
4 Michael Bloomberg
5 Planned Parenthood
6 Jack Murtha
7 Katie Couric
8 Henry Waxman
9 James Carville (political strategist)
10 Michael Moore
Jack Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. (publisher, NY Times)
Queen John Edwards
King Bill Clinton


Ace Barack Obama
2 Arianna Huffington (columnist/author/blogger)
3 American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU
4 Our own Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (founder, Daily Kos) )
5 Al Sharpton
6 David Gregory (White House correspondant for NBC)
7 Oprah Winfrey
8 Joe Kennedy
9 Al Gore
10 Pat Leahy
Jack "The Liberal Supremes" (presumably Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Stephen Breyer, and John Paul Stevens, as five faces are circled)
Queen Jim Webb
King Harry Reid


Ace Hillary Clinton. (Note: It is uncertain why she's not paired with Bill.)
2 Sean Penn (actor)
3 David Brock (President, Media Matters for America)
4 The State Department of the US
5 Peter Lewis (CEO, Progressive Corporation)
6 George Clooney (actor)
7 Brian DePalma (Hollywood producer/director)
8 Robert Byrd
9 Jon Stewart
10 Ted Kennedy
Jack Chris Dodd
Queen Dick Durbin
King Eli Pariser (exec director of political action,
Joker Dennis Kucinich
Joker Keith Olbermann

Most of the people on the above list should be friendly to dKos causes and helpful; however, it is a slightly outdated list (Jon Edwards has sunken, and Eliot Spitzer has been replaced as NY governor by Bill Paterson).

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