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If you have registered and logged in then:

You have the power to create and change 99% of all the material in dKosopedia.

At the top and bottom of every page that can be edited is an edit this page hyperlink. After you follow that link you are presented with an editable box containing everything in that page (or sub-section).

Before you begin, however, it is wise to familiarize yourself with:

  • Your user preferences for settings that may help your style of web writing and editorial work.
  • The mechanics and formating conventions used by dKosopedia
  • The Sandbox for practicing editing. Even better than the Sandbox is your personal page which you reach via the link at the upper right with your username. Work you do there will not be changed by the next newcomer to dKosopedia.
  • Check the Discuss this page link in the Quickbar menu usually in the left margin, for any discussions regarding the content of the page.

There are many wiki-based encyclopedias out there. You might want to see the Wikipedia or SourceWatch for similar examples of collaborative information resources using the MediaWiki software.

If you are interested in some of the mechanics of maintaining dKosopedia then this is the place to discuss meta issues - namespaces, organization, etc. And this is the place for discussing dKosopedia advocacy; i.e., getting the word out and encouraging participation.

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