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The meme implicity suggests that Hollywood is bad. And Kerry's support by artists, actors and musicians makes him guilty by association. There is also language used to paint Kerry himself as someone who appears like he is from hollywood: the hair, the entourage, he is not your average joe.


  • Cover story of the Boston Herald 14 July 2004: "Fiery Bush Hammers 'Hollywood' Kerry".
  • Kerry show irks 9/11 families (Boston Herald, David R. Guarino, 13 July 2004):
Sen. John F. Kerry...arrived - late - ... in a sirened motorcade... The senator, in Boston for the day, hopped in his motorcade at the Four Seasons, drove around the Boston Public Garden and arrived at the memorial with his sizable entourage in tow.
  • Kerry, Edwards campaign a haircut above the rest (TheState.com, Neil White, 9 July 2004):
Let’s head to the streets to speak with a few regular-guy barbers.
Dino DiFiore, who cuts hair at Woodfield Barber Shop on Two Notch Road, thinks Kerry raising the issue says something about him.
“You have to decide if he thinks how he looks is more important than what he does,” DiFiore said. “It’s like the guy who drives the sports car and the guy who drives the pickup truck. Kerry’s more likely to drive the sports car. It’s style over practicality. It’s image over substance.”
Salih Abdur-Rasheed, a barber at Brieson’s Barber Shop on Clemson Road, likes Kerry’s look as well as his politics.
“He’s got a real nice head of hair. He’s got that Reagan thing going on, that Hollywood hair,” Abdur-Rasheed said.
He also noted that if the election were held today, and he was voting based solely on hairdos, “I’m picking Kerry. He’s the hair man.”
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