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Ho Peng Kee is an Associate Professor of Law (1979 LL.M, University of Singapore, 1981 LL.M Harvard) People's Action Party Member of Parliament in Singapore for Nee Soon East and since 2001 has been the Senior Justice Minister of Singapore. He was born on September 5, 1954, is married and has three children. His claimed religion is Christianity. Ho Peng Kee has the final word in deciding whether Vietnamese-Australian Nguyen Tuong Van, a man born with far fewer opporunties in life than he had, will be executed by the state. This choice between political ambition and fundamental morality is likely to be the most important of the Sinaporean politician's own life.

According to a report in the Townsville Bulletin/Townsville Sun, the mother of Nguyen Tuong Van, Nguyen Kim, broke down in tears at news of her son's probable execution. "She is distraught, she is distressed and, you know, it would be impossible to imagine how difficult it must be for her." Dr. Chee Soon Juan, the leader of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party and death penalty opponent, said no stone should go unturned in seeking clemency for the young man. "Anything that can be looked at should be done." Source: "Nguyen Giving Up Hope as Bids Fail," Townsville Bulletin/Townsville Sun (Australia). Friday, November 25, 2005.


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