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Salam Pax was the first Iraqi blogger, using as most seem to blogger.com, at "http://dearraed.blogspot.com" (or alternately "http://dear_raed.blogspot.com", an address I often encounter, although it never resolves for me it must for someone as it is the version found in the blogroll of other Iraqi Bloggers). Many readers were awed by the experience of reading his blog in the days leading up to and then during the Iraq War. Recently Salam seems to have started a new blog for unknown reasons (confirmation?), here: http://justzipit.blogspot.com/.

Subsequent to this, and after the invasion, two other early bloggers were Bagdhad Burning by an Iraqi woman mostly critical of the invation, and <a href="http://healingiraq.blogspot.com" class="external text" title="http://healingiraq.b