Hezbollah-Israeli War

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Hezbollah-Israeli War was used in the crawl under CNN with Wolf Blitzer to describe the Israeli-Lebanese War on August 5, 2006, the 25th day of the war. CNN had largely avoided using the word "war" until then and instead used the words "crisis" and "conflict." However as the was approached the 1000 casualty mark the use of the words "crisis" and "conflict" appeared ever more obviously inaccurate. Pro-Israeli bias prevents CNN from naming the war accurately.

Other obvious propagandistic word choices by CNN inlcuded the use of "incursion" instead of "invasion" and "air strike" instead of "aerial bombardment."

The propagandistic naming of wars is far from uncommon. Unreconstructed Confederates insisted on describing the American Civil War as either the "War of Northern Aggression" or the "War for Southern Independence." Soviets persisted in calling the Second World War the "Great Patriotic War Against Fascism."


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