Hawaii County Council

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Hawaii County Council

Hawaii County Council members that start a two year term on December 6, 2010:

Council Committees

  • Finanace committee: Ford, Chairman. Yagong, Vice Chairman.
  • Planning committee: Hoffmann, Chairman. Pilago, Vice Chairman.
  • Parks and Recreation and Public Works: Blas, Chairman. Ford, Vice Chairman.
  • Environmental Management: Smart, Chairman. Pilago, Vice Chairman.
  • Human Services, Social Services and Public Safety: Pilago, Chairman. Yoshimoto, Vice Chairman.
  • Energy and Water Sustainability: Yoshimoto, Chairman. Hoffmann, Vice Chairman.
  • Agriculture and Economic Development: Ikeda, Chairman. Onishi, Vice Chairman.
  • Housing Agency: Hoffmann, Chairman. Blas, Vice Chairman.
  • Intergovernmental Relations: Pilago, Chairman. Smart, Vice Chairman
  • Mass Transit: Onishi, Chairman. Ikeda, Vice Chairman.

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