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Happening Now Home - Happening Now Rules

  • DKos_Local Lists of what members are in what geographical regions, so we can contact each other and meet locally if we want. (until 12/1)
  • DKos_Caucuses An organizing tool helping Kossacks to caucus in their local areas for grassroots (until 12/1)

No Longer Happening

  • Sinclair Broadcast Group (until 11/1)
    • The Sinclair Broadcast Group is abusing its airwaves license. See what you can do here.
  • Voter Registration Fraud Clearinghouse (until 11/2)
    • Where voter Registration Fraud is happening and what we're doing about it.
  • Shame on you Project (until 11/2)
    • dKosopedia contains a list of newpapers (or other media outlets) that endorsed Bush in 2000 with an eye to writing letters to the editors of these papers to call them on their failed predictions regarding what a Bush presidency would be like.
  • Blast Blackwell (until mm/dd expired?)
    • just merged into the Nationwide Voter Registration Fraud under Ohio Fraud
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