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Add rule suggestions to this page.

  • Get in and out. When editing a page get in and get out quickly. Others may be waiting.
  • Expiriation Date. Always put an expiration date or time on your entry. Clean up your entry at that time.
  • Be Brief or... If your entry requies a lot of explanation create a separate page linked from a brief descriptive entry. Delete the page when it is over.
  • Clean up. While you are there, if you see an expired entry delete it.
  • Topping. Feel free to redate your entry and move it to the top, but not more than once a day. Avoid topping wars.
  • Graffiti. If you see a suspect entry - troll graffiti - Either delete it or if you are unsure post a diary entry for discussion. (Leave a linked note to the discussion so we don't get multiple diaries.)
  • Discuss. Some pages may be locked down. To make suggestions for those pages go to its discussion page.
  • Join. If you would like to join the crew who meta-maintains these pages go here Happening Now Crew.
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