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Greenleaf Idaho is a rapidly growing suburb of Boise, in Canyon County. The town gained unwanted national attention in November 2006 because gun nuts on its municipal council voted to pass Ordinance 208 to instruct the town's 862 residents to acquire firearms if they did not already have them in case they were needed for protection against people fleeing from natural or man made disasters elsewhere. It appears that the televised images of the many poor African Americans who suffered because of the second Bush administration's grostesque incomptence elicited not sympathy but race hate. The town population is three-quarters white and on-Quarter Hispanic. Any American considering fleeing to Greeleaf should be forewarned that the residents of the town, who no doubt mistakenly think of themselves as patriots, are prepared to gun down anyone needing assistance. Ordinance sponsor Steven Jett stated that, "This is not an 'it'll never happen here kind of thing. We could get refugees." That Jett and his ilk place themselves outside America's moral community perhaps has not yet dawned on them. When the residents of Greenleaf consider asking for help from America in any form, they should ask themselves how they are ready to treat Americans. Greenleaf, Idaho needs the United States of America a lot more than the United States of America needs Greenleaf, Idaho.

The town was named for Quaker poet and abolitionist John Greenleaf Whittier. Ever notice how often conservatives betray the values they claim to protect?

On December 7, 2006, common sense prevailed on the city council of Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania when it voted down a similar ordinance by a vote of 6 to 1.


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