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Myth: Government is by nature tyrannical and expensive

Fact: Russia proves that ineffective government threatens freedom and effective, ACCOUNTABLE government creates rights and fosters prosperity

Myth: Government is by nature ineffective

See Government's Greatest Achievements of the Past Half Century. Notice how the most effective reforms came from Democrats. Progressives support effective government, to oppose this Republicans increase the size, cost and ineffectiveness of government.

Myth: the government hates competition

Fact: Progressives invented antitrust laws with which government can increase competition. Republicans oppose this because the CORPORATIONS hate competition, just as they oppose effective govenment. See American Antitrust Institute

Myth: Republicans want “smaller government”

Fact: Republicans want ineffective government in the short run. The long-term goal of republicans is want is called “NeoFeudalism”

Myth: Republicans want to run government like a business

Fact: Republicans are running the government like Enron and other failures:

The Washington Post summarizes the main aspects of republican political and business leadership as: “an overemphasis on hierarchy and orderliness; a penchant for secrecy and keeping decisions closely held; an instinct to discount information or dismiss views that don't comport with the company line; a habit of pronouncing rather than engaging intellectually with those outside the inner circle; an unhealthy arrogance and sense of entitlement.”

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