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Glenn Beck is CNN's "answer" or perhaps "non-sequitur" to Bill O'Reilly. Both compete for a television audience demographic best described as angry, poorly informed, middle class, white and male. The conservative populist's schtick is that of a smartaleck willing to whisper the "inside dope" about the big issues of the day. As such he appeals to irresponsibility and wishful thinking of his viewers. For example, although Beck has no scientific background, he derides the scientific thinking about global warming.

Beck is German-American recovering alcoholic who converted to Mormonism. Although not a Republican, his expressed views are indistinguishable from those of most conservative Republicans.

Conservative Factual Relativism

On February 5, 2007, Beck revealed his ignorance of the geography of England when he rails about London Mayor Ken Livingstone's comments that London is a multicultural success story and then uses the recent arrests of Islamist plotters in Birmingham as evidence to the contrary. From his comments, Beck may have believed that Birmingham is a suburb of London. In fact London is in the Southeast of England and Birmingham is in the West Midlands.

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