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George Soros
George Soros


Short History

Widely known as the "Billionare Philanthropist", George Soros is a multi-billionare who defies the convention of siding with the republican party due to their policies which could concievably save him and other billionares like himself millions in taxes. Instead, Soros belives that the wealthy should contribuite to society and has been a vocal opponent of George Bush and his tax policies. Soros earned his billions in the late 80's on the stock market in hedge funds. He is one of the few native Esperanto speakers, and his last name was changed from Schwartz to Soros, which means "will soar". Incident

In the 2004 Vice Presidential Debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney, Cheney told viewers to visit to see some information. The real site that Cheney intended to send viewers to was, a site that provides strangely non-partisan analysis of news. For a time the owners of redirected their site to

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