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GOPUSA is described by its owner Bobby Eberle as a news/information/commentary outlet, and is, as its name implies, a Republican and "conservative" advocacy group. It is the organization behind the discredited Talon News, whose White House reporter "Jeff Gannon" was exposed as a fraud in February 2005. Once the controversy surrounding "Gannon" erupted, GOPUSA began purging many of its more strident articles.


Background came to life on December 28, 1999, as a Texas business corporation. It started as a Web-design company created by Eberle and a friend Bill Fairbrother to aide "conservative" Republican candidates running for office in Texas. It had at least one client, Royal Masset Political Consulting. Because of the proximity of the Texas primary to when they started the company, it initially floundered.

In the summer of 2000, restructured itself as a "news" and information outlet, utilizing "volunteer" reporters.

When was first formed, its registered agent was Bill Fairbrother and its principal place of business was his house at 2915 Pioneer Way, Round Rock, TX 78664-2513. On March 5, 2004, filed documents changing its registered agent to Bobby Eberle. Although the registered agent's address is now 2620 Sunday House Dr., Pearland, TX 77584, which is Eberle's residence, the company's principal place of business is still listed at Fairbrother's residence.

On March 10, 2004, Bruce Eberle, the founder of conservative web site announced that was being folded into

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