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In light of the 2004 election, we must have a multi-pronged attack on Voting, Issues, and Media.



Type of voting machines by county

Electronic voting machines such as Diebold have numerous problems.

There were numerous fraud problems with the 2004 election

The Open Voting Consortium

Main goals: reduce/eliminate fraud make it easier to vote

Other goals: Ranked pairs voting (or perhaps the not as good Instant Runoff voting, which is easier to explain) Getting rid of the electoral college (may be easier now that Kerry almost won, even though he lost the popular vote by 3 points)


We need to indentify core issues to build a winning coalation on. We need to neutralize wedge issues like gay marriage.

We need to make elections be about issues.

A poll from the New Democrat Network says voters swong 14 points in Kerry's favor when told of the Democratic agenda listed on the last page of the poll.


See Media_Bias


A unified organization is needed

Other stuff

Long term plan by niku

Lists of companies to buy from:

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