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Francine Busby (D) ran in the special election to fill the U.S. House seat of Randy Cunningham, who resigned after admitting that he took bribes. The district is California's 50th, north of San Diego. She ran again in the general election, see California U.S. House election, 2006, but lost to Bilbray.

Francine is currently an adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies at California State University, San Marcos, and an elected trustee of the Cardiff School District Board.

From [1]:

Francine Busby, a self-described Encinitas "soccer mom," is a Cardiff School Board trustee who teaches at Cal State San Marcos. Busby, 54, ran in 2004, losing to Cunningham, 59% to 37%, but she raised more money in the 4th quarter of 2005 alone than she spent on her entire last campaign. The district is strongly Republican, but the crowded field of Republican candidates weakens their advantage in the April 11th special election. Busby’s outsider status—she’s worked in the business and non-profit sectors—helps to set her apart. She was the only candidate in the race to call on Cunningham to resign and she’s been a strong voice for ethics reform, proposing her own legislation to clean up corruption in Congress. Her other policy priorities include reducing the national debt, developing an exit strategy from Iraq, defeating terrorism, strengthening our economy, environmental protection, and health care reform. She opposes efforts to privatize social security, and she is pro-choice, having been endorsed by EMILY's List. The national media are already watching this race as an indicator of how the Democrat's message about the Republican "culture of corruption" is playing with voters.

Francine has lived in Cardiff for 17 years with David, her husband of 27 years. They have two children, Michael and Maria.

On March 4, 2006, Busby became one of the few congressional candidates to deliver the Democratic Radio Address.

On April 11, 2006, she got 44% of the vote in a low-turnout primary election, but she lost to Brian Bilbray (R) in the runoff on June 6th.

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