Framed: HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)

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Health Savings Accounts

The Problem

{State the problem, giving examples from the MSM if possible. Link to any websites appropriate.}

Realigning the Frame

{Explain how the issue should be reframed to our advantage.}

{Elaboration of the Frames}

{Repeat this section as many times as needed to explore the frames introduced in the first section.}

Examples of Use

{Add examples of use. If there is current discussion of the issue in the MSM, add references here that show how this frame would be used in that discussion.}


{List expected conservative responses and how to deal with them in this section.}

Publicizing the Frame

{Add any examples of how to promote the frame and the issue. What would an advertisement look like if it used the frames suggested?}

Other Resources to Draw On

The idea for this frame comes from an article by Jeffrey Feldman that he cross-posted to DailyKos from his website: Frameshop: Ownership Society (ALERT!)

{List other resources that can be used to aid adoption of the position. Add URLs for any helpful websites.}

What Progressives Value and Want

Sustainability. {State how this frame will support sustainability of society.} Fairness. {State how the frame will support fairness in society.} Consistency. {State how this frame will support consistency of the liberal/progressive position.}


Remember: {Summarize this frame, emphasizing how this is the correct position and how the liberal values cited are correct values for society.}

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