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Framing: The Military

This page is for creating frames about the military.

Framing Rounds Involving the Military

Please list any rounds here. If you are the coordinator of the round, copy the round template from the Templates section, below, to this section and replace sections enclosed in braces to indicate the target close date and other information about the round. Add a reference to the diary that establishes the round where indicated.

Unfinished Pieces of Frames About the Military

Please put unfinished text in sections here. Start with “Note 1” and number them successively.

Note 1

(This has been moved here from the original Vision for America discussion.)

Millennium Military

(lover of controversy... let's talk some hard stuff for progressives to agree on)

First, avoid the term "21st century" since it's actually a Christian counting system and the last thing you want to do is imply that you want to invade China, where it's technically the 50-somethingth century, or Iran, where it's the 40-somethingth, or all of the Muslim World where its only the 15th century now.

Also this military has to be good enough for 1000 years not just 100 years. ;-) It's going to be relying on age-old understanding of peacemaking and war preventing, and not so much on higher and higher tech weapons that cost more.

  • Special Forces Military - special forces oriented to fight international organized violent crime (aka "terrorism"). The point is that problems calling for occupying forces need international support and are generally better approached diplomatically.
  • Volunteer Army - involuntary servitude is not justified in the name of war.
    • This should be the norm, but there are conditions when a draft can be justified (World War II, e.g., was such as case).
  • The Military should shift from a Cold War orientation and an aggressive agenda to provide an ability to fight two regional wars, towards an orientation that matchs our likely military challenges:
    • Defending our allies like Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan from military force from their neighbors, and to a lesser extent in Europe, with a focus on complementing rather than replacing local forces.
    • An ability to provide adequate peacekeeping, counter-insurgency and genocide prevention forces anywhere in the world in a timely fashion.
    • We need to reduce our commitment to forces designed to face the heavily armed Soviet Threat (e.g. heavy main battle tanks, heavy artillery, a large Navy, and large numbers of air to air combat aircraft), and increase our commitment to forces design to deal with the "heavy infantry" forces which the U.S. has commonly encountered in the post-WWII period.
    • Homeland defense should be primarily a National Guard and Coast Guard function; the posse comitatus ban on regular U.S. military enforcement of law domestically is wise.
    • Some funds currently devoted to expensive, high tech weapons systems need to be diverted to covering the basics: body armor, troops who can speak the local languages in places where troops may be deployed, armored humvees, upgraded infantry weapons, adequate pay to attract and retain qualified soldiers, etc.

Note 2

(This has been moved here from the original Vision for America discussion.)

Military Personnel Policies

What you do in private is a private matter. What you do in public can be disruptive and adversely impact group morale. People in the military services are required to avoid hitting on their co-workers (same sex or not), required to avoid topics of conversation that may be sexually suggestive and/or offensive, and required to avoid offensive behavior directed at others on the basis of personal values or prejudices.

Personnel should in all circumstances avoid behavior that may be threatening to others. That restriction applies to unwanted sexual overtures as much as to shows of force intended to be physically intimidating. Keep in mind that the person you seek to intimidate today may be the guy protecting your back in the foxhole tomorrow.


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