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Once a news channel it has since devolved into a thoroughly and unquestionably biased cable and satellite TV channel promoting Republican talking points.[1] Also known as FauxNews FoxNoise and FixedNoise. . Sometimes abbreviated FNC (Fox News Channel). A division of Rupert Murdoch's media empire (News Corporation), Fox News is managed by Republican political operative Roger Ailes. Somewhat less biased sister channel in the United Kingdom is Sky News.


Tries to control generic terms

Fox News lost its lawsuit against Al Franken over his use of the Fox tagline "Fair and Balanced." Fox News's other slogan is "We Report, You Decide." To control generic terms is a common propaganda goal.

Calls other channels "propaganda"

Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly claims that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is "very left wing" and the Globe & Mail could be "the Havana Press". In a famous feud with the CBC, after a Fifth Estate program in which Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly were cast in a negative light, O'Reilly said that "by distorting facts and pounding on a relentless anti-American drum", CBC reporting "could lead to millions of deaths sir, just as Nazi propaganda did." He declined an invitation to a public TV debate to clear the air.

"Shut up"

Possibly Fox's most famous line and most commonly used phrase is from Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly who calls his show the No-Spin Zone:

  • "What Jimmy Carter shouold do is privately give his opinion to President Bush and then SHUT UP."
  • "We expect every American to support our military and if they can't do that, to SHUT UP."

He is also famous for making racist, judgemental and outright false statements on air. He has even made political pronouncements. For instance Canadian journalist Heather Mallick was told that a trade boycott against Canada "will take place" if Canada did not support US moves in Iraq. Despite O'Reilly's claims, on TV to Mallick directly, that the Paris Business Review (a fictional publication) reported billions of dollars in losses to the French economy, Franco-American trade actually went up during the period of highest tension. His words: "The devastation we're now wreaking on the French economy, you've seen nothing compared to what we could do to Canada."

He also told her: "you write stuff, Madam, that's not true. Is that part of being a socialist?"

Finally, Mallick was attacked directly on the air for being of mixed (Scottish and Hindi) parentage.

O'Reilly himself has been subject of lawsuits for sexual harassment, as has UPI commentator Rachel Marsden, one of O'Reilly's favourite Canadian sources. She has compared Canada to "Sodom & Gomorrah". Marsden has actually pled guilty to stalking a former boyfriends Liam Donnell. A similar incident with another boyfriend, Mike Morgan, never made it to court. She supports

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