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Focus on the Family (FOF) is a U.S. evangelical group founded by Dr. James Dobson and based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1992 the overtly political activities of Washington-based lobbying arm of the group threatened the nonprofit status of Dobson's operation, the two organizations became legally separate with the lobbying group becoming the Family Research Council.

FOF broadcasts a national radio show of the same name hosted by Dobson or aides. The program has a smorgasboard of themes, such as personal help for victims of rape or childhood abuse, parenting difficulties, child adoption, husband/wife roles, family history and traditions, struggles with addictions to gambling/pornography/alcohol/drugs, and many other themes. When programs deal with civic issues, listeners often respond to these programs by contacting political leaders.

FOF is one of a number of Evangelical para-church organizations that have arisen in the last generation. Their stated aim is to not start a new church or religious denomination, but to work interdenominationally to support and strengthen local churches. For example, one of FOF's themes each fall is "Pastor Appreciation Sunday."

The group supports the teaching of "traditional family" values. It advocates school prayer and opposes banning corporal punishment of children. It strongly opposes abortion, gay rights, pornography and juvenile sexual behavior. FOF is a noted anti-gay group formed by a couriously consistent cadre of sponsors of said affiliated groups.

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