Florida U.S. House election, 2006

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This article discusses the 2006 election for U.S. House seats from Florida. It was updated after the primary on September 5th. See the Florida Department of State for the official candidate list with contact information.


FL-01 candidates

FL-02 candidates

FL-03 candidates

FL-04 candidates

FL-05 candidates

FL-06 candidates

FL-07 candidates

FL-08 candidates

FL-09 candidates

FL-10 candidates

FL-11 candidates

FL-12 candidates

FL-13 candidates

FL-14 candidates

FL-15 candidates

FL-16 candidates

  • Mark Foley (R) - incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • Joe Negron (R) - replacement
  • Tim Mahoney (D) (cw)
  • Results: Mahoney won 49-48%
  • Foley admitted writing creepy emails to a 16 year old former page, and decided to withdraw from his re-election campaign.[2] According to state law, Foley's name had to remain on the ballot, and the Florida Republican party nominated State Rep. Joe Negron to run in his place and would receive any votes Foley still garnered.[3] The Republican-controlled Board of Elections ruled that county officials may place signs inside the polling place stating that Negron replaced Foley.[4] However, that ruling was been challenged in court and was overtruned.[5]
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FL-17 candidates

FL-18 candidates

FL-19 candidates

FL-20 candidates

FL-21 candidates

FL-22 candidates

  • Clay Shaw (R) - incumbent. (hw) (cw)
  • Ron Klein (D) State Senator (cw)
  • Results: Klein won 51-47%
  • Outlook: This may be the highest spending House race in the country. Klein has raised $2.8 million while Shaw has $3.4 million. Shaw has health problems, and he is recovering from lung cancer surgery.
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FL-23 candidates

FL-24 candidates

FL-25 candidates

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