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Fighting Dems is a phrase (short for "Fighting Democrats") that can have two similar meanings:

A) Non incumbent military veterans who ran for Congress in 2006 as Democrats.
B) Members of Veterans for a Secure America (all of which are also described by criteria A).

All of these candidates were challengers, and as usual, the incumbents won most of these elections. However, six Fighting Dems and two non Veteran parents of servicemen in Iraq won their races, and seven of those eight seats taken by Fighting Dems were previously held by Republicans. A number of fighting Dem's also came very close to being elected.

Further more the Fighting Dems forced Republicans to donate time, money etc. in districts and statesd that in previous years they had not. This allowed non Veteran Democrats in other Districts and states to win.

Everyone listed under U.S. Senate or U.S. House won their primaries, unless noted otherwise.


U.S. Senate

U.S. House

States from A - F

States from G - L

States from M - N

States from O - R

States from S - Z

State Level Fighting Dems

Iowa Fighting Dems

  • Ray Zirkelbach Incumbent member of the Iowa State House. Missed the 2006 session as he was serving in Iraq as a member of the Iowa Army National Guard. Re-elected.
  • McKinley Bailey Elected to Iowa State House District #9. McKinley served in both Iraq and Afghanistan while he was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. Website

Minnesota Fighting Dems

possible swiftboating of Francis

Oregon Fighting Dems

  • Paul Evans, candidate for State Senate,will be in Afghanistan on election day. Salem Statesman-Journal, Oct. 17, 2006

Pennsylvania Fighting Dems

Wisconsin Fighting Dems

Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator – Army Reserves
Roger Breske, State Senator, 12th District – Army
Robert Jauch, State Senator, 25th District – Army
Mark Miller, State Senator, 16th District – Air Guard
Fred Risser, State Senator, 26th District – Navy
Bob Wirch, State Senator, 22nd District – Army Reserves
Jamie Aulik, Candidate for State Senate, 9th District – Army Reserves (currently serving)
L.D. “Red” Rockwell, Candidate for State Senate, 11th District – Army
Jim Sullivan, Candidate for State Senate, 5th District – Navy Reserves (currently serving)
John Simonson, Candidate for State Senate, 17th District – Army
Gary Sherman, Assembly Member, 74th District – Air Force
Robert Turner, Assembly Member, 61st District – Air Force
Carl Arnoldi, Candidate for Assembly, 90th District – Army
Walt Christensen, Candidate for Assembly, 37th District – Army
Dan Jardine, Candidate for Assembly, 47th District – Marines
Dan Naylor, Candidate for Assembly, 40th District – Army
Kelly Parsons, Candidate for Assembly, 36th District – Army

Local Races

No longer in the race

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