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Florida's Sixth District stretches from the St. Johns River and Jacksonville, sweeping through the Heart of North Central Florida, encompassing portions of Gainesville and Ocala, meandering down to the northern tip of the Orlando metropolitan area, in Lake County.

As the District meanders through Central Florida, more than 525,000 registered voters, along with their families, call the District home. Just over 39 percent of these voters are Democratic, while slightly more than 41 percent identify themselves as Republican. 80 percent of the District is white, with 9.7 percent identified as black and 3.1 percent Hispanic. [1]


2006 Election

Cliff Stearns  (R)  136,281  60%
David Bruderly (D)   91,310  40%

2004 Election

Cliff Stearns  (R)  210,678  64%  
David Bruderly (D)  116,461  36%

2002 Election

Cliff Stearns  (R)  136,198  65% 
David Bruderly (D)   74,904  35%

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