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The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (abbreviated FEMA in the US).

In 2000, it defined three high-risk scenarios for the US:

It was preparing for these three events primarily. However, it was interrupted. After 9/11, 2001, It was merged into the US Homeland Security department, and its funding amalgamated with those concerned with airport security, the no-fly list and other terrorism related expenditures. Since the Iraq occupation is presented as being one of these expenditures, FEMA was competing with this too.

This is widely believed to have reduced emergency preparedness for Hurricane Katrina. The position:FEMA was unprepared for Hurricane Katrina is held by most informed persons who have studied the evidence. Particularly damning is that the Hurricane Pam exercise had more or less simulated the actual events, but the required followup was not taken.


Cronies at the top

Joe Allbaugh

Joe Allbaugh was director of FEMA during the first two years of the Bush administration. He is a former Bush campaign manager and chief of staff.

In March 2005, he became a lobbyist for KBR, which is now profiting from the Hurricane Katrina cleanup.

Michael Brown

  • Article on Brown's lack of experience and previous job problems
  • Time magazine Article detailing falsehoods and exaggerations in Michael Browns FindLaw listings and resume.

There have been many calls to fire Michael Brown as he seems to have failed and his lack of experience has led directly to the loss of life in New Orleans.

See Also

Michael Brown dkosopedia article.

FEMA Preparation and Response to Hurricane Katrina Articles

  • Salt Lake Tribune:1000+ Firefighters are used by FEMA for community relations, while many New Orleans residents still wait for rescue.
  • FEMA ignored official warnings by National Weather Service.
  • Reuters: FEMA requests that "no photographs of the deceased be made by the media." And states that journalists will not be allowed to ride on rescue boats.
  • Washington Post: "Storm Exposed Disarray at Top." Excellent in-depth article covering the history of FEMA since Carter and reasons for FEMA and DHS' disorganized response to Katrina.

Other FEMA articles

  • FEMA responses in Florida, 2004 FEMAs timely preparation and response to Florida Hurricanes - in pre-2004 election season hypothesized to have helped win Florida for Bush.
  • "The FEMA Phoenix" Clinton's successful reorganization of FEMA in the Washington Monthly.
  • Slate on James Witt Head of FEMA under Clinton was praised by GWB in 2000, but fired by him when elected.
  • In-depth article from Independent Weekly (9/04) which details how reorganization in FEMA would cause protection from natural hazards to be lessened in deference to “homeland security.”
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