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Eyal Arad is a Kadima party strategist and advisor/crony of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Arad was in Italy before the December 14 visit of Olmert with Italian PM Romano Prodi to establish Kadima Italia, an political party "that aims to educate civilian society and Italian institutions on issues of peace in Middle East security." Source: Daniel Mosseri. "Olmert: Prodi is a Friend of Israel." European Jewish Press. December 14, 2006.EJP. (The Israeli government has so much respect for Italian political sensibilities that it feels that it is acceptable to send in agents to conduct civil affairs operations!)

Olmert met with Prodi and Pope Benedict XVI in Rome to discuss Iranian nuclear proliferation. Source: Yossi Verter and Assaf Uni. "Lebanon, Iran top Olmert's Agenda on Visit to Germany, Italy." Haaretz. December 10, 2006. Prodi obediently called upon the international community to "do everything possible to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons". (Presumably that means Italy will offer a little military assistance to the U.S. in a war that it will have to wage against Iran. Perhaps Estonia can send a platoon again for this war.)


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