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Verbal Slurs

Due to political correctness, it is impossible to give the actual translation for racist code in some cases, such as "Calling a spade a damned N*****", and his friends (Yankee) N*****-lovers. There is a multitude of nearly-but-not-quite-so-offensive terms, including the aforementioned spade, plus

  • darky, coon, Mau-mau, jungle bunny, spear chucker, monkey, porch monkey, crow, moke, Sambo, macaca, boy, welfare queen, alligator bait, nappy head, pickanninny/pickin'-ninny, jukie

and many more for Blacks, plus

  • kike, heeb, hymie, Jew-boy, Yankee, trailer trash, white trash, spic, wop, eye-tie, dago, greaser, wetback, beaner, Limey, frog, cheese-eating surrender monkey, kraut, hun, boche, doryphore (French, potato beetle, referring to German soldiers), paddy, mick, harp, bohunk (originally Bohemian-Hungarian), squarehead, Redskin, wog, Jap, nip, chink, gook, slope, slant, pineapple, A-rab, raghead, camel jockey, haji, Gyp, mudblood

and on the other side,

  • goy, haole, honkey/honky/honkie, ofay, buckra, Whitey, Mr. Charlie, yabanjin, cracker, gringo, redneck, Wasitu, Yanqui, Sassenach, gaja, muggle, death-eater

and so on. Ethnicity is not the only ground for such slurs. We also have

  • queer, faggot, fag, queen, dyke, baby-killer, atheist (when applied to members of other religions), Satanist (except when applied to practitioners of the dark arts), pinko, radical, subversive, bomb-thrower, outside agitator, hippie, Godless/gritless Liberal, secular humanist, Darwinist (religion), elitist, tree-hugger, peacenik, appeaser

and more.

In addition to calling names, there are all of the racist animal analogies and cultural stereotypes for Blacks.

Individually, President Barack Obama has been the subject of weak puns from people apparently overwhelmed by their own cleverness.

  • Obamanation = Abomination
  • Ole black bammy

The phrase "take an Obama" now refers to defecation, because it's brown, ha-ha, don't you get it? (T-shirt image below) They're so funny they kill themselves. Similarly, "drop the Cosby kids off at the pool".



Here we see some examples of what Republican racists think is OK.

  • 2008 bumper sticker, revised and gone "viral" on Facebook.


  • Obama Presidential Library (Montana Republican Convention, June 2012)


  • and while we are on the outhouse theme:


  • Originally from the Republican Facebook page as noted at Huffington Post. It has since been removed.


  • Apes

obama_monkey11.jpg 1236472852464.jpg

  • watermelon and fried chicken, bbq and hush puppies




  • Blackface (Unless it's Colbert Blackwashing)


However, portraying Obama as The Joker from Batman, bent on Socialism, isn't racist. It's just stupid. Everybody who was paying attention during the movie knows that the Joker is an anarchist, not a Soviet central planner. But Republicans don't care. They just want you to be afraid, be very afraid of Obama.


  • Racism redefined


Yup, I am a racist because I support the Constitution

but N*****s don't.

  • Taxation with representation


On the other hand, there is also this. See, there is a Black at a Tea Party rally.


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