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Elliott Abrams is a neo-conservative and a member of the National Security Council.


  • Democracy How Direct?: Views from the Founding Era and the Polling Era 2002 ISBN 0742523187
  • The Influence of Faith 2001 ISBN 0742507629
  • International Religious Freedom (2001): Annual Report: Submitted by the U.S. Department of State editor 2001 ISBN 0756713382
  • Secularism, Spirituality, and the Future of American Jewry 1999 ISBN 0896331903
  • Close Calls: Intervention, Terrorism, Missile Defense, and 'Just War' Today 1998 ISBN 0896331873
  • Undue Process A Story of How Political Differences are Turned into Crimes 1998 ISBN 0029001676
  • Honor Among Nations: Intangible Interests and Foreign Policy 1998 ISBN 0896331881
  • Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America 1997 ISBN 0684825112
  • Security and Sacrifice: Isolation, Intervention, and American Foreign Policy 1995 ISBN 1558130497
  • Shield and Sword 1995 ISBN 002900165X
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