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Some useful links so far:

Voting Rights deals with voter rights and election integrity.

Voting Systems is about voting paradigms, like simple majority, runoff, instant-runoff, condorcet, etc.

Diebold touches on Electronic Voting and the problems there.

Constitution.Org's Voting Page has an excellent outline of relevant documents, both with respect to the voting paradigms and electronic voting issues.

ProCon.org presents an extensive, nonpartisan look at the question, "Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process?"

There are various organizations actively seeking changes / improvements to Electronic Voting frameworks:

  • The Open Voting Consortium is working to build an electronic voting framework.
  • Avi Rubin is a well-known computer security expert and outspoken critic of Electronic Voting systems currently in use. Dr. Rubin is at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Paper Trails

Most agree on the need to have verifiable results, with a paper trail being a trivial minimum that Diebold fails to have. In Diebold's case, apparently, there is no ability to recount.

The Iowa Senate unanimously passed a $17.5 million overhaul of voting machines. The Des Moines Register ran an editorial in favor of this legislation. The article quotes Secretary of State Chet Culver, who dismissed manufacturer claims that paper receipts aren't possible as "nonsense." The Register says, "in fact, such machines are already on the market."

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