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December 2007

  • December 21: Arizona: county judge rules that local Democratic Party is entitled to see two electronic voting databases from 2006 primary and general election
  • December 19: Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner criticized for proposed remedies to election integrity threats
  • December 18: Florida: federal judge blocks law preventing individual from registering to vote if Social Security or driver's license number cannot be matched to a state database
  • December 17: Voting Section Chief John Tanner steps down amid allegations that he used his position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes
  • December 17: Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman decertifies 3 out of 4 electronic voting systems; Diebold/Premier is only one not to be decertified. (see detailed report in PDF format and Daily Kos diary: Colorado decertifies 3 of 4 electronic voting machine manufacturers).
  • December 15: Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner releases a study finding that all five of the state's voting systems had critical flaws, and were vulnerable to tampering. (Source: "Ohio Elections Official Calls Machines Flawed", New York Times, Dec. 15, 2007; see Brunner's overview, executive report, Brad Friedman's interview of Brunner)
  • December 10: Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) adds "opt-in" provision to H.R. 811-110 to authorize federal reimbursement for states that offer paper-based options to voters by Nov. 2008
  • December 1: VoteTrustUSA to be folded into Verified Voting

November 2007

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August 2007

  • August 29: lawsuit against former SoS Bruce McPherson (CA-R) withdrawn; plaintiffs state that Bowen's August 3 action addressed their concerns
  • August 14: "Dan Rather Reports: The Trouble with Touch Screens" airs on HDNet; see Brad Blog post as well
  • August 3: SoS Debra Bowen (CA-D) places rigorous security conditions on voting equipment used in dozens of counties and limits the use of two of the most widely used machines statewide.

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