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  • December 9: Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) founds the Election Technology Council (ETC) ETC's founding members are Advanced Voting Systems, Diebold, ES&S, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, and Unilect
  • December: Kevin Shelley commissions an audit and finds that none of the 17 California counties that used Diebold election machines in the last election was using software properly certified by state
  • November 25: Diebold backs down from its takedown claims against "Why War?"
  • November 21: Kevin Shelley, California's secretary of state, orders that all touch- screen voting machines include "an accessible voter verified paper audit trail"
  • November 21: Ohio’s Compuware and InfoSentry reports find critical flaws in Diebold touchscreen voting machines
  • November: Bev Harris files (ultimately successful) lawsuit against Diebold
  • October 4: NIST conference on security threats to election systems
  • October: Bev Harris publishes Black Box Voting on the web
  • September 24: SAIC study finds serious flaws in Diebold voting machines (according to Freedom To Tinker, 2/3 of the report is redacted by the state of Maryland)
  • September 5: Bev Harris publishes Diebold memos on her web site
  • July 30: Diebold memos leaked to David Allen (also to Wired magazine)
  • July 24: Johns Hopkins/Rice University study finds many security flaws in Diebold machines
  • July 8: Bev Harris posts documents found on an insecure Diebold FTP server
  • May 22: H.R.2239, the first proposed federal voter-verified paper ballot legislation, introduced by Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) bill eventually attracts 157 cosponsors but is never released from committee
  • February 20: Farhad Manjoo article on Bev Harris in Salon entitled "Hacking Democracy" article states that Harris has been telling news organizations about voting machine problems for five months; title of article eventually becomes title of 2006 HBO special featuring Harris
  • January 23: Bev Harris downloads Diebold programs and databases with votes
  • January: David Dill issues Resolution on Electronic Voting

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