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Diane Perlman's list (reformatted and edited) of 2004 election irregularities favoring Republicans:

  • throwing out of Democrat voter registration forms
  • broken machines
  • misplaced machines
  • machine errors
  • reduced numbers of machines in Black and predominantly Democratic areas, less than in 2002, causing long lines
  • unmailed absentee ballots
  • absentee ballots requesting 86 cents, which was insufficient postage and caused these ballots to be returned
  • certification of more votes than registered voters in some areas ("phantom votes")
  • reversal of percentages of registered Democrats and votes for Bush in many counties
  • modem-connected voting machines and tabulators
  • different standards for provisional ballot recounts in different areas
  • failure to count many provisional ballots, also called “placebo ballots”
  • voting machines defaulting to Bush
  • voting machines 'jumping' by recording a vote for Bush when Kerry's button was pushed
  • phony companies (e.g., Nathan Sproul's) registering voters and then tearing up the registrations of Democrats but not Republicans
  • exit polls not corresponding with reported votes in counties with no paper trail, while exit polls matched reported votes in counties with paper trails
  • voting elections officials creating apparently phony election machine poll tapes and tossing original, signed tabulations in the garbage
  • people posing as technicians tampering with machines
  • Republicans posing as Democrats
  • a lockdown in which observers were not admitted, under the excuse of a terrorist alert
  • misinformation about the date and location of voting in Black neighborhoods
  • threats of arrest for voters with traffic tickets or any record
  • unusual discrepancies between numbers of votes for Kerry and Democratic candidates on same ticket ("crossover")
  • widespread refusal of media to report on any of these

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