Election 2004 Problems

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Articles on Voting Irregularities


Main Article: Ohio Fraud
  • Ohio count draws scrutiny
  • Outrage in Ohio as angry residents storm state house
  • Lawyer's report on voting irregularities and long lines in Democratic precincts in Columbus
  • Computer glitch gave Bush almost 4,000 extra votes in Columbus suburb
  • 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat on the 6th circuit voted 2-1 (guess how) at 2:30 AM election day to allow partisan Republicans to challenge 35,000 Democrats, mainly minorities, in an attempt to both disenfranchise them, and shut down voting.
  • Numerious reports of voter intimidation, and irregularities
  • Ballots being loaded in Bush/Cheney pickup truck diary blog
  • People still voting at 3 AM Nov 3rd
  • 12 ways Bush is stealing Ohio
  • Kerry was up or tied in the polls in Ohio shortly before election day. Kerry then won the 5% who decided who to vote for election day 61-39, and the 4% who decided in the 2 days before that 64-36. source


Florida Fraud

Electronic voting problems

Other States

Exit polls

Other stuff

  • Voters Unite database of voting irregularities
  • Some Media outlets, such as NBC, trying to make Bush look like a winner
  • DU voting problems list
  • The media is ignoring the problems

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