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Education brings advantages to individuals, and in a truly democratic nation education is seen as the right and responsibility of every citizen. Education hinders those who would concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a hereditary oligarchy. Those who favor rule by a small minority that holds the major part of the nation's wealth would like to disadvantage competition coming from the non-wealthy by limiting the power of the bottom class to make informed decisions, limiting their potential to improve their financial and power stance, and by tending to eliminate a middle class. The ideologues who support rule by the wealthy tempt people of middle level incomes by posing the rhetorical question, "Why should you have to pay to educate some other family's children?" Needless to say, if it is taken as a real question, then the answers will have a strong blow-back against those who have tried to appeal to the selfish interests of the people of middling incomes.


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