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The issue of economic injustice is part of social justice. It has related issues digital divide, quality of life, absolute poverty, poverty, early childhood education, 0.7% to foreign aid, environmental health, nutritional health, primary health care, health care, addiction, prescription drugs, crime and participatory democracy. The sub-issue income equity is summarized but not included below:

== issue statement

This is an issue statement. Keep it as neutral as possible with respect to positions that might be taken on this issue.

Money tends to flow to those who already have it, not necessarily to those who work harder or even smarter. Complex corporate structure avoids taxes, hides profits from employees and investors, and shields massive frauds like Enron. Simple domestic corporate structure that avoids offshore tax havens is penalized directly by higher taxes and audits that actually see all the profits. Entire professions have grown up simply to move money and define complex instruments to move money fast from one place to another on any excuse or even a whim: accountants, management consultants, lawyers, public relations, lobbyist and political consulting firms, insurance and reinsurance, brokers and underwriters. It is not easy to prove that any of this actually makes the economy more effective at meeting overall human needs. Meanwhile, obvious human needs for education, free time, housing, food, clothing and the safety of women and children, are ignored even when they pay off in the long term. Income equity (a sub-issue) is lower now than it has ever been in the US, with the difference between the lowest and highest paid people growing. It is easy to find examples of people profiting from fraud or people paying tax to hurt themselves directly.

income equity

The sub-issue income equity is the determination of economic injustice by looking at income levels, which are an important determiner of all forms of access to help: justice, education, health, and even basic bodily protections.

Positions associated only with income equity include:

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